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Gift Sets and Packages

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Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, you want to give something special. That's why gift sets from Cave & Garden are the perfect solution.

Gift Sets and Packages

After many birthdays, we understand that gift ideas can run out. For this, we have various gift sets that are great for birthdays and special occasions. The gift sets include a tasty alcoholic treat, a set of metal signs, and much more. Curious about the gift sets we have? Check out the assortment now!

Whiskey Gift Set

Cave & Garden has various fun Whiskey and Wine sets where you'll find everything you might need. For example, the whiskey set always has a few real stones that you freeze to keep cold and then use as "ice cubes." A true whiskey drinker won't put ice in their expensive whiskey only to end up with a watered-down concoction after 10 minutes.

Do You Write Whisky or Whiskey?

Did you know that the geographical origin determines whether you write Whiskey or Whisky? In Ireland, brewers wanted to distinguish themselves, so they wrote it as whiskey. When Irish brewers emigrated to the US in the 17th century, they not only brought their brewing skills but also the spelling, so Irish & American Whiskey has the extra E. The rest of the brewing countries of this "Drink of the Gods" write it as Whisky, traditionally from Scotland.

Wine Gift Set

The wine sets all include a corkscrew and a drip ring that prevents spills when pouring. But also, for bottle stoppers that keep the wine tasty longer or keep insects out of the bottle when you place it in one of our (ice-filled) wine coolers atmospherically on the table, you've come to the right place at Cave & Garden!

Gift Cards

If you really can't decide, a gift card from Cave & Garden is always a safe and appreciated option. This gives the recipient the freedom to choose something beautiful themselves.

Why Choose a Gift Set from Cave & Garden?


One of the greatest advantages of choosing a gift set from Cave & Garden is its versatility. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion, a gift set is always a hit.


At Cave & Garden, we stand for quality. All products in our gift sets are carefully selected to provide you with the best experience.


Choosing a gift can sometimes be a tricky task. A gift set takes this worry off your hands by offering a complete package that is both practical and stylish.

Order Your Gift Set

As you can see, you can come to us for a fun drink gift set. From whiskey to wine, we have it all.

But certainly, don't forget, we also have a Viking or cocktail gift set. We also have gift cards for when you still really don't know.

Before you order, also take a look at our other Mancave items such as animal heads & hides and other decorations or various game tables like a pool table or an air hockey table. You can come to us for all your mancave items because we are the No.1 Mancave shop in the Netherlands!

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