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Poker sets

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Buy Poker Set at Cave & Garden

At Cave & Garden, discover the best quality poker chip sets at very competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a poker table or want to transform your dining table with a poker top, you can find it all with us! With chipsets of 500 or 300 chips, make your card evenings a success. Explore our range of poker sets!

About Our Poker Sets

We offer poker sets with and without value markings. Without value markings, the chips weigh 11 grams, and with value markings, the chips are made of clay and weigh 14 grams. We also have a leather set with chips featuring value markings, and these chips weigh 11 grams. The outer layer of the leather set is made of faux leather.

Poker Set with Value Markings

The poker set with value markings is filled with our exclusive Monte Carlo poker chips. We had these chips specially made with an extra gold edge, ensuring that no one else has the same poker chips as you (unless they also bought a set from us). These poker chips weigh 14 grams and are made of clay composite for the best playing experience. You can either customize the set yourself or have us put it together for you.

Customize Your Poker Set

Want to customize a set yourself? Order the set and mention your preferences in the description, or give us a call, send an email, or visit our store!

Poker Set with Case

In our assortment, we also have poker sets with a case! The case makes it easy to store your poker equipment safely and take it to friends for a fun poker night. Check out, for example, this Monte Carlo Poker Set with Case.

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