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Boxing machine or Punching ball

You probably recognize it: you used to stand at the boxing machine at the fair with friends. Which of the boys/ladies could hit the hardest? At Cave & Garden you will find various boxing machines for your man cave. If you are looking for a unique boxing machine, then you have come to the right place. We can supply boxing machines with our own design, how cool is that? Curious which boxing machines we have? Then read on!

The history of the boxing machine

The first coin-operated boxing machines appeared at fairs in the 20th century. One could tell from the hands how hard someone was hitting. This mechanism has remained unchanged for a long time, only today there are also digital meters. Modern boxing machines have a different technology and appearance, but the game itself obviously remains the same.

Personalize your boxing machine

A boxing machine is fun for young and old. But it's really fun if you personalize your boxing machine to your wishes and needs. You can have your boxing machine stickered or have a nice logo put on it. It just depends on what you want. The boxing machines have a coin taster as standard and will last for years, and all parts can be replaced/repaired.

Order your boxing machine

You can place a box machine almost anywhere and success is virtually guaranteed. But we at Cave & Garden not only offer boxing machines, but much more! We have everything to decorate and accompany your man/women cave. Take a look at our wooden decorations and metal signs, these categories will ensure that your man/women cave will look nice. Do you like to do various activities/games in your home bar? Then take a look at our gaming tables, here you can find poker tables to pool tables to air hockey tables. You can easily order your man/women cave products at the No.1 Man Cave shop in the Netherlands!

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