Dart surrounds

Dart surrounds

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Dart Surrounds: Protect Your Wall and Darts

Are you a passionate dart player looking to prevent holes in your wall? We have the perfect solution for you: Dart Surrounds. A dart surround protects both your wall and your darts for those occasional mishaps during a game of darts. At Cave & Garden, we offer various dart surrounds that easily fit around the dartboard and are simple to install. You can get a dartboard surround for as low as €31.95. Curious about the available dart surrounds? Explore our extensive range!

The Surround or Protective Ring

The Bull’s Advantage Dartboard Surround is crafted from high-quality flexible polymer. Extremely durable and specially designed to minimize the visibility of holes. The edges fit snugly around the dartboard, eliminating the need for additional fastening. This ring is ideal for protecting back walls and your dart points. These surround boards are suitable for dartboards of any brand.

Various Dart Accessories

In addition to Dart Surrounds, we also offer other dart accessories for enthusiastic dart players. Because without a dartboard, surrounds are of no use. Our dartboards come from renowned brands like Bull’s, Winmau, and Mckicks. Winmau dartboards, in particular, are widely loved. Apart from the diverse dartboards, dart mats are essential too. These mats help you stand at the correct distance as per the rules.

Order Your Dart Surrounds

A dart surround ensures that you won't have holes in the wall or a decline in the quality of your dart arrows. Alongside our dart articles, we offer various products to furnish your man cave, such as metal signs and posters. These items complete your man cave. Easily order your dart accessories from the #1 Man Cave shop in the Netherlands. We offer free shipping on orders over €99!

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