Industrial bar stools

Industrial bar stools

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Whether you have a bar or a high dining table, a bar stool is essential. At Cave & Garden, you can buy bar stools in various sizes and designs. Bar stools also come in handy when you have guests, providing additional seating space. Which bar stool suits your man cave or home bar best? Take a quick look at our extensive selection! You can get a bar stool starting from €74.95.

Our Bar Stools

The bar stools from Cave & Garden are eye-catchers in your man cave or kitchen, enhancing the comfort of your bar or kitchen space. We have carefully selected the best bar stools, ensuring you can easily choose the most beautiful ones for your man cave. The bar stools are super comfortable and feature a modern design.

Considerations When Purchasing

When buying a new bar stool, there are several factors to consider. Take into account the height of your bar or table, ensuring there's about 30 centimeters of space between the top of the seat and the top of the tabletop. Fixed bar stools are easy to move, and you can also opt for stools with a backrest for extra comfort. Cave & Garden offers bar stools made from various materials—be sure to explore the options available.

Order Your Bar Stools

As you can see, our extensive range includes various bar stools that will enrich your interior and provide extra seating at the bar and kitchen. At Cave & Garden, you can find all the man cave items you've always wanted. We can even craft your own bar with dimensions of your choice. Additionally, explore various bar accessories or decorations to create a unique man cave look in your home. Ordering your bar stools online is simple at Cave & Garden!

Below are some features of our industrial bar stools!

Material: Industrial bar stools are often made of rugged and robust materials such as metal, steel, iron, raw wood, or recycled wood. These materials give an industrial look to the stools and can be easily combined with other industrial elements in the space. For example, check out our beautiful industrial wooden bar Black Market. Simplified Design: Industrial bar stools typically have a simple design without too much ornamentation. They often feature clean lines, straight angles, and a minimalist appearance. This minimalist design complements your industrial space well. Sturdiness: Industrial bar stools are generally sturdy and durable, designed to withstand heavy use. They can often carry a substantial weight and are suitable for commercial use, such as in bars and restaurants, where durability is a crucial factor. Vintage Elements: Industrial bar stools may also incorporate vintage elements, such as the use of older, recycled materials or vintage designs. This contributes to the authentic industrial look of the stool. Functionality: Like any other type of bar stool, industrial bar stools are designed to be comfortable to sit on, with seats at the right height and often featuring footrests. They are intended to be used at a bar or high table, providing a practical seating solution. Not convinced yet? Come and try sitting in our showroom!

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