Shot Wild Frontier Trapper 80% Steeltip


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Wild Frontier Trapper 80% steel tip

Trapper with a Ringed Grip in the colors green and silver 80% Tungsten 1 of the better darts! These shot darts are going to take your level to a new height. Want to give it a try? Then visit our store in Waddinxveen.

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Wild Frontier Trapper 80% steel tip

Saddle up players, and board our wagon train through the Wild West. From straight-laced sheriffs to raunchy outlaws – Wild Frontier recalls the legends and pays tribute to the skill and resilience of these gold-mining, bear-catching, hard-living pioneers. The ones who never gave up, even in tough times like the dusty sole of a denim boot. Trapper is Shot’s tribute to the men and women who lived hard in the wilderness, deserts and mountains of the Wild Frontier. This strong, 80% Tungsten weighted dart is sharpened to hit its target and bite the board like a rattlesnake. This dart set features the revolver grip, our most positive and comfortable grip ever. Finished in a highly reflective cactus green and infused with the courage of the pioneer, here lies the freedom to rebel and play your way. A tapered nose with a simple non-slip ring grip moves to a reverse shell shark grip area that allows for maximum traction regardless of whether the player’s fingers push back or forward from this point. The Trapper then goes into the signature revolver grip, this section has 3 rings and six radial millings that resemble a gun barrel. The tail of this barrel then tapers to an intense scalloped shark grip combined with a ring grip. An axial cut on top of this increases the contact points on the arrow and provides an extremely confident grip. A smooth section at the end connects the durable pyramid grip shaft to the barrel.  


Steel tip Grip: Ringed, Incision, Shark Barrel color: Green and Silver Shape: Bubble 80% Tungsten Brand: Shot Weight: 23 grams Barrel length: 48.00 mm Barrel thickness: 7.70mm

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