Shot Warrior Kapene 90%


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Shot Warrior Kapene 90% have a shark grip along the entire barrel. Available in 22, 23, 24 and 25. These beautiful new darts throw as they look super stable. Including flights and shafts. Cave & Garden everything for your man cave.

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Shot Warrior Kapene 90%

Kapene translates as Captain – Inspired by our Shot, this arrow honors the warrior within. With a straight shape and middle weight, Kapene has a generous shark grip along the barrel. The scallop shells on the front and back give this 90% Tungsten dart set two positive throwing areas – for a strong push and a sure point of reference. Armored in super-fine titanium with a laser-etched Ta Moko (tribal tattoo) cover that is reflected in its flight. The Kapene is a very agile dart, with grip across the entire barrel, dart players can find positive finger placement at any point. A slight scallop at the front follows the smooth nose of the ring grip; then flows on to a telescopic-like wide shark grip. A more elaborate scallop is provided at the back of the arrow. The decorative Cinder Grip is laser applied and adds a layer of super-fine traction that supports a controlled cast.


Color: Black / Silver Dart grip: Ringed, Shark 90% Tungsten Brand: Shot   Weight: 22 grams Barrel length: 52.00 mm Barrel thickness: 6.40 mm   Weight: 23 grams Barrel length: 52.00 mm Barrel thickness: 6.50 mm   Weight: 24 grams Barrel length: 52.00 mm Barrel thickness: 6.70 mm   Weight: 25 grams Barrel length: 52.00 mm Barrel thickness: 6.80 mm

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